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Why Traveling with Pets?

Argo by Charles Rassaert. All rights reserved.

Why Traveling with Pets?

First of all, because we love pets. I am the proud owner of a lively Jack Russel named Argo and I love to travel. Despite all difficulties, I continue thinking that I can’t make it without his unconditioned love. Of course, it’s a great responsibility.

Then, I am traveling with Argo since last year and, until now, we have already seen together Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. Every time we planned a trip we needed to adjust it because of restrictions about pets. Exceptions, non-sense laws, unfriendly pet-friendly hosts… It worths to have a place where we all can share tips and experiences. If our pet likes to travel, then why have we to choose between leave it to parents/friends or to a pet-pension?

So, feel free to comment and add useful tips about your travels with your pets!

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