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A Ferry to Greece

Greece is the place to go during holidays: seaside, culture and excellent food. Why don’t share this pleasure with our “pets friends”?

If your pet is microchipped (or has a tatoo) and has its pet passport, then it fill all requirements to enter the Country.

Flights (at least, from Italy) are not that cheap. But ferries can be a nice alternative. I had travelled twice with Minoan Lines from Italy to Greece as a foot passenger: great experiences. So I have checked on the company’s website to see if pets were allowed on board:

PETSPets travel free of charge in specially designated kennels on the ship’s deck. Pets are not allowed in indoor public areas or cabins. Pet owners are responsible for feeding and pet hygiene. Pet owners are required to have their pet’s valid health papers with them.
 (from http://www.minoanlines.it/en/condiz.htm)

I have called the company and they added pets have a dedicated area, “The Dog’s Village”. Fine then.

But, as soon on board, I have realized that the Dog’s Village was occupied by deck passengers and hence dogs could stay exclusively inside their kennels. Furthermore, kennels available were not enough for all dogs on board and they were globally dirty.

On the other hand, tolerance on board was quite high. Even though pets were not allowed to enter inside the ship, many pet owners took their pets in indoor areas and no one ever asked them to respect the rules.

Deck passengers could sleep in indoor areas even with their pets and I have heard many dogs barking from cabins.

Kennels and Dog’s Village were already enough to think that traveling by Minoan Lines with a pet was not a good idea, but the real problem for Argo was.. the toilet. I assume that the Dog’s Village was the area dogs could use as “restroom” but it was completely “out of service”.

The rest of the ship was windy, noisy, crowded. Argo finally did what he needed to but others passengers looked at him (and at me) as we were totally impolite. I wish I could explain them that there was no other solution but I was so ashamed I just wanted to hide myself.

In order to calm down Argo during this 26 hours travel, I have used Bach Flowers Drops. This natural remedy makes that pets are less exited than usual but not sedate. I think now that combination of Bach Flowers, stress and the fact he could not urinate as he needed eventually has some hallucinatory effects: when he was running on the deck he started to bark insistently to a couple, then to everyone, and he seemed to be pretty aggressive. Then he stopped, and returned to be the dog I know.

by Charles Rassaert. All rights reserved.

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