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Taking off

What happens before to take off? I was really anxious about all the steps to follow once arrived at Fiumicino airport…

At the Alitalia desk

they check the pet passport only.

Please be aware that once you have passed the security check, you won’t be able to let your dog left off. It’s important to schedule a timeline so that it can have a “toilet stop” before the flight, at the very last moment before passing the security check.

Airport security

I have been asked to get Argo out of its kennel. We have passed through the metal detector together, and the kennel has been scanned.

At the gate

While I was waiting for my flight, Argo was outside the kennel. I understand all restrictions for pets inside public places, but it seems that everyone understood my special situation, and no one complaint. On the contrary, many people came to ask me which requirements have to be filled in order to travel with a pet.

Taking place

On board, I discovered that my place was not the dedicated one for passengers with pet. Hence, the space below my seat was far too small for Argo’s kennel. I have kindly asked to the steward and he simply replaced me to a place where I had 2 seats for me: Argo, at my feet, occupying the place in front of the seat at my side, me having a lot of extra space.





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