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Pet in cabin, first steps

Every airline has its own regulations for pets depending on weight and size. If you wish to take your pet along with you on board, the first step is to see which restrictions apply.

In order to travel to Rio de Janeiro, I have checked AirFrance, Lufthansa and Alitalia. Pets weighing less than 6 kg are allowed to flight with AirFrance (container included). Lufthansa has a 8 kg weight limited. Alitalia allows pets weighing less than 10 kg.

My Argo is only 5.5 kg but, at the time of the flight, he was not an adult yet. I didn’t really wanted to have a bad surprise few days before flying or force him on diet.
So I decided Alitalia from Rome to Rio de Janeiro.

To take a pets along with you on an Alitalia flight, you should provide a passport issued by a vet, certifying the list of vaccinations and the state of health of the animal and a clearly legible tattoo or an electronic identification system (transponder) (from Alitalia website).

Second crucial step is to observe import and export by-laws of the respective countries. Hence, I have called Brazilian Consulate in Milan. In order to travel to Brazil with a pet, these documents are mandatory:

  • Original International Health Certificate issued by the Official Veterinarian Service in the country of origin. The Health certificate must mention that the animal has been examined within 10 days before travelling to Brazil and did not show signs of clinical disease. The International Health Certificate must have been issued no longer than 10 days before arrival to Brazil. If the Health Certificate does not present the Portuguese version, an official translation may be ordered. Animals arriving at Brazil without the Health Certificate or with an inaccurate or incomplete International Health Certificate will be sent back to the country of origin, at the expense of the importer.
  • Certificate for Rabies vaccination: For animals older than three months, rabies vaccination is mandatory.
  • In case of first immunization against rabies, the owner of the animal must wait at least 30 days before travelling to Brazil.
  • Information mandatory in the Certificate for Rabies vaccination: owner identification and address; animal identification: breed, sex, date of birth, coating color and size.

If all mentioned requirements are accordingly filled. there is no mandatory quarantine period.

A special attention must be paid to the International Health Certificate. In Italy it will be issued by Servizi Veterinari. I found a vet pretty uncomfortable with it stating that it was not needed as Argo had a Pet Passport. I insisted and finally he signed this:


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