Ireland, everybody loves dog. But NIMBY!

Dingle Peninsula. Charles Rassaert All rights reserved

Argo was born in Cork, Ireland, in August 2010. He was a present: a Jack Russel breeder wanted to thank us for our help in taking care of another Jack Russel, lost, until her owners came to pick her up.

So, even though we wished to have a dog one day, Argo arrived like a surprise, a Christmas present. A great responsibility and a great fun as well. No way we could really separate our nomad life and our life with Argo.

First short travel: from Cork to Dublin. Irish Rail allows small pets to travel in their own cage. Globally extremely friendly, none asked to see Argo’s passport. We didn’t have to pay anything for his “place” in the train.

by Charles Rassaert. All rights reserved.

It has been harder to find a place to stay for one night in Dublin. We called almost all low cost hotels in Dublin until we found “The AbbotLodge“. They don’t have a real pet-friendly policy but they do accept small dogs if required. No extra fee needed.

Second long travel: Ireland West Coast. Irish buses and trains don’t serve the whole island so renting a car seemed to be the only way to have a nice holiday in Ireland.

by Charles Rassaert. All rights reserved

First stop in Killarney: we found a very nice accommodation at Glenn Fia Country House. They are pet friendly so it was no need to bag them. Great location, not really central but beautiful, Argo could run happily in the big park that surrounds the B&B.

We continued traveling to Dingle Peninsula where we booked a lovely B&B at Inch. Inch Beach Guesthouse is not pet-friendly. BUT they are friendly in general! So, after had explained that Argo was a small home trained Jack Russel, they allowed us to spend a night in their beautiful b&b. We had also a very lovely surprise. We discovered that the mother-in-law of the owner loved Jack Russels and was an owner as well. But, becoming older, she decided not to own anymore yet she was still extremely curious about these lively dogs! Hence, we spend some time with her, making her happy with our common love, Argo! Inch peninsula is also a great place to see your dog enjoying. The long white sand beach, in front of the ocean, is the ideal place where your dog can run and meet friends. Just you, your dog and the ocean. What else?

Next stop: Galway. That has been a nightmare! I have called all b&b, hotels and hostels I found indicated in the French guide “Le Guide du Routard” but everybody was hanging the phone when they heard “I have a pet”. Really awful experience: friendly people becoming extremely unfriendly when hearing about a dog! My very last attempt was fine: a guesthouse at only 5 minutes walk from Galway city centre and 2 minutes from a small park where pets are allowed. Unfortunately, they don’t have any website. As soon as I will found their address I will post here. Wonderful people, they has a small Yorkshire. Argo could play wherever he wanted without restrictions.

by Charles Rassaert. All rights reserved.

Last stop: The Aran Islands. Argo was allowed to travel in the small ferry connecting Ireland island to Inis More Island. He was allowed in the only one hostel existing on the island as well, the Kilronan Hostel. Cheap dorms and cheap service. Luckily I had my dog sleeping with me to get some warm comfort. It was March and heating was off! BTW, we enjoyed with Argo beautiful Aran Cliffs. But be careful, pets are allowed but no protection is in place. We kept Argo in our arms all the time: the wind was so strong that he could fall from the cliff.

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4 thoughts on “Ireland, everybody loves dog. But NIMBY!

  1. Sinead says:

    Sorry to see you found Galway difficult for pet friendly hotels. We found an excellent hotel the Cashel House Hotel in the National Park of Galway, who accepted all 3 of our large dogs in our room with us on our honeymoon! You can find more information on Irish pet friendly hotels on !!!!
    When our Volkswagon van is finally restored we hope to travel Europe with our pack of 4! πŸ˜€

    • Giulia Galeano says:

      Hi Sinead! Thanks for sharing your experience! I really appreciate to see that other people enjoyed Galway with their pets!
      Don’t hesitate to write us your experiences with your dogs as soon as your van will be ready! πŸ™‚

  2. Gianluca says:

    Hi Giulia, we are planning our secondo trip in Eire, this year we want to take with us our Dolly, a small size and lovely dog, we’ll arrive in Ireland by car until Cherbourg and then by ferry to Rosslaire, our itinerary expected Cashel,Doolin,Aran Isl., Galway, Achill Isl, Derry and Belfast. I’m having problems to find b&b pets friendly especially at Aran, but at the end i’ll find b&b pets friendly for each place that i want to visit. My worry is another, i’m afraid that i’ll meet also a problems to enter in pubs and restaurant with Dolly, can you told me something about your irish experience ? And at the last, at Aran, Kilronan hostel allowed your Argo indoor ?
    Thank you

    • Giulia Galeano says:

      Hi Gianluca,
      Thank you for your post.

      It has been really hard indeed to travel with Argo in Ireland, especially in co. Galway. People loves dogs but not in their place. Sometimes we hide it inside its bag which looks like a backpack… In Galway we found a lovely b&b in our desperate attempt to sleep there as everyone else said non. But it was winter and many hostels and b&b were closed. We tried to eat in almost all restaurants in Galway city center but all said non except a small fish and chips awarded with many “Guide du routard” prizes. I can’t remember the name, but I can try to find it out. Nevertheless they were making an exception for the landlord was not there for that night.
      At the Aran Island we slept in Kilronan hostel, they seem not to care of having a dog as a guest, especially because it was early spring and we were the only guests in general. Once paid we never see them again, it was really cold inside and Argo has been an extra comfort as it heathen us.
      Hope this help, don’t hesitate to ask me for further information!

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